Saturday, January 29, 2011

Left For Dead

Sarah is finally home from her trip to Canada, so now I can put her to work! We've got a long list of stuff to do today, most importantly getting our special Peace Corps passports. Hopefully it goes more smoothly today than our attempt yesterday....

She's had a long, hard trip so she crashed early last night. My buddy Ted pinged me and wanted to play a little Left For Dead 2, a cooperative zombie video game and that sounded like an awesome way to blow off a little steam. Now, keep in mind that Ted was at his house and I was at mine. We also weren't playing with audio chat turned on because everyone else at our respective houses are sleeping.

We've been stuck on this particular section where we're trying to hold out until a helicopter arrives. We've probably played this particular scenario a half dozen times and I've never even seen the helicopter. Finally, I see it landing and one of the special zombies grabs me with his super long tongue and pulls me far far away from the group. Just as I'm being rescued, I hear someone screaming, but this time in real life.

As I pull off my headphones and look around I realized that Sarah's out of bed yelling "I'm trying to &#*!& sleep!!!!" And only then did I realize that the someone screaming was me....

From Sarah's perspective, she was woken from a dead sleep by me yelling "HELP ME!!!!" at the top of my lungs. This was followed quickly by a string of curse words as long as your arm, peppered with some more desperate pleas for help. When she discovered that I was playing a video game, she wasn't amused, but Ted and I were.

That time everyone died, but the next time we made it onto the chopper, living to fight zombies another day.

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  1. hilarious. hurray for videogames and their ability to make us ignore real life! J and I often remember with longing those two days spent playing rockband with you. you got us hooked on it and now the addiction has spread to the rest of the portuguese family! thanks!!