Saturday, May 7, 2011


It looks like we have a puppy. Our gazda mamă found her outside and she has been staying in our house. She can not make it up the stairs, so we haven't had to decide whether we're going to kick her out of our bed.... yet.

Sarah has named her Păchii. If you are wondering what that means, you should be able to figure it out if I tell you how Sarah might introduce herself in Romanian: "Mă cheamă Sarah. Sunt voluntară la Corpul Păcii." My favorite thing is that "păcii" is pronounced "puh chee," and when Sarah first told me, I thought she said "poochie." How could you resist this cuteness?
Păcii Păcii Păcii!!


  1. I keep posting in the wrong section, but I'll figure it out. The dog is adorable and I'm so glad she found you two. She will be loved:)

  2. Is Păchii still part of the family a month later?

  3. Păcii is still part of the family! She has moved to the main house, so she is really the family dog, not ours. She has also been rechristened Gilda, but she will always be Păcii to me!

    She is just as cute as ever, but she has been having tremors or twitches. Our family just took her to the vet today, and it sounds like that will be something she will have for the rest of her life. Here they would say "Asta este," which has the meaning of "That's life."