Thursday, July 7, 2011

Suntem Voluntari

Today, our group of 36 trainees became volunteers. This means that we have completed our training and we are officially part of the Peace Corps for the next two years. We leave for our new home this weekend.

It was a beautiful and emotional day. Here is a picture taken of our group and our country director, Sheila Crowley. Click the pic for more sizes on Flickr, or here are direct links to large and huge.

Suntem Voluntarii


  1. Congrats! I am sure you are ready for the next adventure that the PC has to offer.

  2. Guys, I have been sending used English books to PCVs in Romania for 7 years. It is a private unofficial collaboration known of in Bucuresti, but pretty much under the radar.
    I am distressed by the announcement as I have come to have a great deal of affection for Romania. I have been there many times and have been the guest teacher in more classrooms than I can remember.
    You may have heard about me or not, but I want to make as big a bang as possible with this last group.
    You may contact PCV Alexandra Geneser, currently in Badeana and Tutova and view these videos:
    Please contact me.