Monday, November 21, 2011

IASIMUN and More Fame

This past weekend five of my high school students participated in IASIMUN, a Model United Nations conference in the nearby city of Iași. It took place at Racovița High School, voted the best high school in România. I was extremely proud of my students, who held their own in the debates and were able to come away from the conference more confident and excited about participating in things like this in the future. The students debated issues ranging from the ethics of assisted suicide to the politics of the Jasmine Revolution, all in English.

Yet again, I took one for the team and appeared on the news in an interview. You will find an interview with another Peace Corps Volunteer, Amanda, for the first minute, and then you can find me at the three minute mark. This interview was in English, so I felt quite a bit more comfortable in front of the camera!

I am really looking forward to this conference next year. I am excited to know the format and what is expected of the students, and I am hoping to do a much better job to prepare them. For more information, you can go to


  1. Be careful, with all of your television appearances you are going to become a celebrity in Romania and the paparazzi is going to start stalking you! In all seriousness this is really cool, congrats!

  2. My you clean up good! What a great thing to be a force behind a child's success!

  3. Wow, got to love Romania's advertising and the photos to go with it :). Of coarse I opened it at work and had to quickly close it!

    And my oh my how far from Boulder you are, a suit and tie!!!!