Monday, December 3, 2012

Traditional Costumes

A few weeks ago, Theron and I were lucky enough  to dress in traditional costumes specifically from Pașcani. Below are pictures of volunteers in costumes from all over Romania. While Romania is only about the size of Colorado, the costumes vary widely from village to village. You'll notice that Romanians like to mix prints. This explains a lot about current Romanian fashion.

Theron, Sarah, Stephen, Kelly, Matt, Melissa, and Anthony (Pașcani)

Andrea (Novaci)

Ellie (Bicaz)

Kevin (Sarasău)

Melissa (Suceava) and Jovanka (Sângeorz Băi)

Chips (Baia Mare)

P.S This post goes out to Heather. 

View Costume Map in a larger map

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  1. Thank you Sarah for my post. :) You know I love the pictures, now I am still waiting on you actually wearing heels.

    P.S. Your group looks like a dance troupe.