Friday, March 11, 2011


TeslaAt one point today (46 days to go, but who's counting?), I remembered a couple of dreams I have had in the past few nights. In one, I was wearing my new ice cleats, but they gave me no traction whatsoever. I couldn't stay on my feet no matter how hard I tried. In the other dream, Sarah and I were trying to finalize all of our plans before leaving for Romania and I suddenly remembered the brand new sports car that we just purchased. How could I have forgotten something so huge and how were we going to sell it so quickly?

Whatever could these dreams mean? Usually dreams are so easy to interpret but these are completely mysterious to me.

It's really hard to believe that we're getting so close to departure. Sarah and I are both in the process of finishing up our jobs. We planned ahead, saved some money and are taking about a month off of work before we leave for Romania. We only have 6 work days left. It's a mad rush to finalize everything, and say goodbye to friends and colleagues. Even though we're leaving for something so exciting, there is still a ton of stress in handing off the projects we've cared about and worked very hard to make successful.


  1. Pretty funny -- how could you forget about that sportscar?!?!???

    I have been having dreams lately that I am stuck in the Dharma Initiative. Not kidding -- it's totally weird!

  2. Gosh they sound like dream jitters for what's ahead. Completely appropriate if you ask me. So bold are your intentions, self-less and exemplary. I think we are often refined in our weakness, or in a foreign environment(or both). It's a privilege to share vicariously through your blog and Facebook these next few years. Go get'em tigers!

  3. Nic, you're giving us too much credit. We're being pretty selfish to get to live in a new country and culture and learn a new language. Hopefully we'll help along the way.