Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Peace Corps!

50 years ago today President John F. Kennedy signed legislation that created the Peace Corps. It's going to be an honor to serve during the golden anniversary year. Here's a picture of the law being signed, courtesy of the Peace Corps.


  1. Hey dude. Good to talk to you the other day. I'm leaving a comment so that now you have my blog site too. :) Hopefully you can keep up with the blog while you guys are in Romania! A great way to keep in touch. I am so excited for you. And congrats on the house sale!

  2. Saved these for when you got there--so you could savor your friends' farewells......
    Dearest Therah:
    The lips that kissed this camel are blowing you two huge kisses to carry you on your way to this fabulous adventure. The Peace Corps is lucky to have you and I feel confident that these next two years will be the most rewarding of your lives.
    Take care and be sure not to stub your toes when you do those fabulous Rumanian folk dances.
    Let's all shake our tambourines for Sarah and Theron!!!!